Failed to load config

This issue can be displayed when you are using DarkBot v1.13.17 beta 98 or older.

Why this error appear?

There are two reason why this error appear. One of them is having Java 16/17 and second one is invalid path (Having bot in OneDrive directory or any other cloud disk)

How to fix it then?

First of all we need to have updated bot to the latest available version for you. Check our "How to update bot?" section. If you can't have updated version, please follow steps under.

Let's start from fixing our Java version. Navigate to Start > Settings > Apps > and search for "JAVA"

As you can see there are 3 Java versions, Java 8 Update 291, Java Se Development kit also 291 and Java SE Development Kit 17.

Only Java 17 and Java 16 are problematic if you use 1.13.17 beta 98 and older!

Now as we detected we have wrong Java version, simply click on it and then Uninstall.

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