Frequently asked questions, and answers for them.

Why are there no aliens or boxes on the list?

You need to see them in the map for them to appear in the lists.

What order does priority go in?

The lower the number, the more important it is:

  • 1 priority is more important than #2. (By the logic of Bot.)

  • Negative priorities are more important than positive priorities.

  • The bot will shoot the most important npc, and the currently shot npc gets a boost of 10 (full health) to 20 (almost dead) priority.

  • Ex: You want very high priority (-100) for capitals, and very low for b-rays. (+100)

Bot isn't shooting, just circling, what's wrong?

Make sure you set DarkOrbit settings right. Enable start/stop attacks from shortcut bar & double click to start attack. Also make sure your keybinds are properly both in-game and in bot settings.

Bot collects palladium/booty too fast, what's wrong?

Set the wait time (in miliseconds) properly in the bot config, use 750-850 for pally, 5000-5500 for booties. Remember palladium is internally called "ore_8" by DarkOrbit, wich is what darkbot displays.

How to Login with username that contains special characters?

Simply start the Bot as usual. Copy your Username from somewhere, (for example from a txt or any document) then just Right-click and Paste.

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