What is SID and how to login with it to our backpage?

What is SID?

SID means SessionID. DarkOrbit generates a SID, when you login to your account. It will change everytime you login to your account. While your Bot is working, DO NOT login on the Browser to your account. If you do, your Bot will gonna stop working, and it will kick you out.

Why does my SID says KO or --?

  • Your SID gets KO'd if it gets Expired or if you tried to login your Account while Bot was connected.

  • SID state -- means the Bot was unable to test if SID was OK or KO that occurs when Bot and SID refresh at the sametime making it show Invalid or being unable to access it. It's not a big problem but you should be Cautious about it.

How to access your Account, while Bot is working?

  1. Login to Bot.

  2. Wait till the Bot loads the game.

  3. Click on the three-line on top-left corner.

  4. Click HOME.

  5. Your default browser will open up, with your account logged in.

  6. (Having SIDLogin extension is necessary.)

How to Install SIDLogin browser extension?

Chromium based browsers (Chrome/Opera/Edge etc..)

Navigate to Google Webstore, click Add to Chrome and then Add extension

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